Gov. Cuomo: “We could very well be headed to shutdown."

Forget hotspots and colored zones. All of New York is under a strict watch that full shutdowns may be on the way.
If coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue to rise, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says another shutdown of non-essential businesses is necessary to get the situation under control.
The state reported more than 5,500 hospitalizations to start the week, and officials fear it could hit 11,000 in a month and overwhelm some regions. They also worry that 3,500 lives could be lost.
The Mid-Hudson region currently has around a quarter of its hospital beds available for COVID-19 patients.
Gov. Cuomo says he will order a second full shutdown if the numbers show a region's hospital capacity will reach 90% within three weeks. "The increase in hospitalizations could overwhelm some regions if nothing changes by January. That's the trajectory we're looking at…we could very well be headed to shutdown."
Three-quarters of traceable spread is coming from small gatherings, according to numbers from the governor's office. Officials fear those numbers could go up with Christmas and New Year's on the horizon.
One local coffee shop owner says the loss of indoor dining again means they will have to revert to barely scraping like in the spring. "We will go back to some of the things we did then. We cut back on our hours, we closed at two, did mostly takeout, cut back my staff from four or five to one or two people," says Ted Bitter, owner of the BeanRunner Café.