Gov. Kathy Hochul goes 1-on-1 with Tara Rosenblum on issues facing NY

In her first sit-down interview on the campaign trail, Gov. Kathy Hochul opens up to News 12’s Tara Rosenblum about mask mandates, gun violence, and the arrest and resignation of former Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin.
Rosenblum asks, “Take me behind the curtain of your search for a new number two, because Brian Benjamin says he's not moving out of New York and the Senate Democrats just said they're not changing the laws. So you've got limited options here, right? You can either pick someone who's only going to have a few months to serve or you can partner up with one of your opponent's running mates. How seriously are you considering that option?”
"You know, it's still early in the process. It is April. This is for the June 28 primary. As much as there's interest from many sources, mostly the media. I'm getting this settled right now. I'm gonna take the time I need to make the right decision. And that is my commitment to New Yorkers. While at the same time I'm focused on the needs of New Yorkers, first and foremost, and letting them know how successful and incredibly transformative the budget is that we just passed. What we're doing for people here from Long Island, from Westchester, the Hudson Valley, the city, we have so much good news to talk about, and whether it's support for child care - $7 billion to help working moms like going through the same struggles I went through when I was a young working mom."
Tune into News 12 on Tuesday evening when Tara Rosenblum continues the conversation with Gov. Hochul to discuss gun violence, mask mandates and taking on corruption in Albany.