Grand jury finds Newburgh police justified in fatal March shooting

An Orange County grand jury ruled on Friday that the shooting of 27-year-old Tyrell Fincher by Newburgh police in March was justified.
Police body camera video captured officers struggling to subdue armed and wanted suspect, Fincher, and ultimately opening fire.
Police fired four shots in total, killing Fincher, after authorities say he tried to shoot an officer and pistol whipped another.
"While the officers closed in, he pointed the gun at the officer and tried to fire it. The weapon jammed,” says District Attorney Dave Hoovler.
The grand jury decided to not file charges against the officers involved, and officials released the video in full.
Fincher's death prompted outrage from residents led by City Councilman Omari Shakur, who authorities allege incited riots and street fires with misinformation about the deadly shooting.
One of the officers involved was shot in the arm by friendly fire during that incident.
Authorities say Fincher's autopsy found his blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit and that he had marijuana in his system.