Green Haven CO taken to hospital in state van during medical emergency amid ongoing EMS crisis

A correction officer at Greenhaven Correctional Facility was taken to the hospital last week by colleagues in a state van after officials say no ambulances were available for the prison during the employee’s medical emergency. 
A representative for the Department of Community Corrections and Supervision tells News 12 the officer experienced chest pains and shortness of breath while on duty at the prison in the Town of Beekman Oct. 20. They say staff called for an ambulance but were told none were available. 
News 12 first reported on the facility’s ambulance crisis in September after we were alerted that no ambulances had been answering the prison’s calls for help since August. 
Department of Corrections and Community Supervision says the officer was evaluated and released from the hospital later that day. They say the state is working to find a solution to provide ambulance service to the prison. 
“The Department continues to focus on ensuring the best care possible, in case of emergencies, for staff, visitors and the incarcerated, in this Dutchess County Community,” says DOCCS Spokesperson Thomas Mailey. “DOCCS has an agreement with a local ambulance service and is actively working on finalizing the contract details.” 
No one from the Town of Beekman has answered News 12's repeated requests for information. 
The Beekman Fire District voted in September to stop providing emergency medical services to Green Haven for reasons unknown.
DOCCS has confirmed that at least two inmates have died while suffering apparent medical emergencies during the EMS crisis.