Greenburgh students head back to school for in-person learning

While some districts are opting for remote learning due to skyrocketing COVID-19 cases, others are choosing to stay open for in-person classes. 

In the Greenburgh Central School District, buses rolled this morning and students headed back into school. 
District officials opted to not follow the action taken by some other districts, like Yonkers and Mount Vernon, and switch to fully remote learning at the start of the new year. 
In a statement on the Greenburgh district's website, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Linda J. Iverson said they are following the guidance of Gov. Kathy Hochul who said that schools will remain open. 

Alex Militano has two kids in the district and has mixed feelings about in-person classes.  
"I have twins, I had to send my kids to school. I think education is important. And most of all the social ramifications we're having with kids not being in school. It's a risk, but we got to take it," says Militano. 

Dr. Iverson says while the goal is to maintain in-person learning, they will continue to assess the spread COVID in the district and make decisions accordingly.