Greenburgh tries to make long, early voting lines more bearable

Today is day four of early voting in New York and residents have been standing on line for hours at the 17 designated early voting sites in Westchester.
Like most locations, lines continue to stretch around the block at the Greenburgh town hall. As a result, local officials have made some adjustments to make voting a little easier.
Officials are live streaming the voting location so you can see what the lines look like and have a better idea of when to vote.     
They have also created priority lines for senior citizens and people with disabilities to go in first.  News 12 has heard from seniors who say it's a bit more difficult for them to stand in line for so long.
They are also offering outdoor flu shots to voters waiting on line, courtesy of the Greenburgh Health Center. If you get hungry while you're waiting, they've arranged for food trucks to be in the parking area so voters waiting in line can purchase food and drinks.
Unlike Election Day where you are assigned that one polling site and that is the only place you can go to cast your ballot, you can go to any of the 17 polling sites with early voting. In other words, you don't have to live in Greenburgh in order to vote in Greenburgh during early voting.
Early voting today begins at noon and runs until 8 p.m.