Grocery store allegedly doesn't give firefighters water during blaze

A Stop & Shop in Dobbs Ferry is under fire after being accused of not giving out water to firefighters battling a blaze across the street from the store.
The firefighters were allegedly told they had to pay right away and couldn't come back after the fire was out to settle the tab.
In a published letter by a former fire chief, he said the firefighters asked for several cases of water for which the store could later bill them. 
The store allegedly wouldn't grant their request and made the firefighters pay out of pocket. 
A statement from the store said: "We want to apologize to the Dobbs Ferry firefighters and to the Dobbs Ferry community in general. This poor decision should have never occurred, does not reflect our values as a company and is inconsistent with the support that Stop & Shop has shown for the Dobbs Ferry community over the years. Firefighters are valued community members who risk their lives daily to protect our community and they deserve our respect."