Group puts local parks to the test

An advocacy group put Bronx parks and fields to the test, and the resulting grades were not all that good.
The group New Yorkers for Parks looked at factors like broken glass, litter and sloppy maintenance to determine the grades for its annual survey of 50 city parks. Overall, athletic fields received a failing grade. Courts received a C- and playgrounds received a C+.
One of the complaints the group had was that gates at Co-op City Field and Castle Hill Little League were locked. However, the Parks Department says it keeps the gates locked when the fields aren?t in use to keep them in good condition.
News 12 The Bronx visited Henry Hudson Park and discovered a broken fence and uneven ground. On the basketball court, the floor was cracked and the headboards were rusty. The playground, however, looked much better ? the equipment was in great shape and there was no litter.
New Yorkers for Parks hopes that its findings will push the Parks Department to make repairs and step up maintenance and staffing.
The Parks Department says it has expanded its staff to care for the facilities. It also says it has an internal inspection program, the most comprehensive in the country. According to the Parks Department, nine out of 10 city parks meet its tough standards.
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