Guide: Tips to help you stop smoking

Here are some tips, resources and support to help you quit smoking.

Sandrina Rodrigues

Nov 16, 2023, 8:30 AM

Updated 250 days ago


Guide: Tips to help you stop smoking
Quitting smoking isn’t easy.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some groups of people may have a harder time quitting smoking than others.
However, there’s a long list of benefits for quitting. In one to two years after you quit, your risk of a heart attack drops sharply.
The Great American Smokeout event on the third Thursday in November, could be the start of your journey toward a smoke-free life.
Below are some tips, resources and support to help you quit:
1. There’s no one right way to quit tobacco, but there are some important steps that can help make a person's decision to quit a success. The American Cancer Society has these steps to help you make a plan and pick a quit day.
2. Some people need more support to quit smoking than others. Quit-smoking medicines can make quitting less painful, and can more than double your chance of successfully quitting. Click here for information from the CDC about which medicines might be right for you.
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3. There’s no right way to quit. There are many options that have helped smokers quit. Some non-medicine ways include hypnosis and acupuncture. Click here for a list of tools and methods people have used to stop smoking.
4. Call the quitline: Quitlines provide free coaching, over the phone, to help you quit smoking. Coaching help is available in several languages. Below are the phone numbers:
In Spanish:
In Asian languages:
Mandarin and Cantonese:
5. Looking for other support programs? You can text or download an app to get help:
SmokefreeTXT — text message-based support program
quitSTART app — tips, information, and challenges to help you quit

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