Guilty verdict brings New City murder victim's family relief

Almost a year after Mary Nagle was brutally murdered in her New City home, a guilty verdict for the man responsible brings her family some relief.
Ronald Douglas Herrera-Castellanos, 30, was convicted of raping, stabbing and strangling Mary Nagle to death while doing work at her home last April. The victim?s husband says the verdict shows that justice can be done. Rockland County District Attorney Michael Bongiorno says he knew how important this case was. Despite the mounds of evidence presented against Herrera, Bongiorno says there is no telling how a jury will view evidence.
Herrera testified he didn't intend to kill Nagle and he didn't remember the crime because he was drinking and doing drugs the night before. The jury didn?t buy his defense and found Herrera guilty on all the 15 felony charges against him including seven first-degree murder charges. Herrera will be sentenced on May 15 and faces life in prison without parole.
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