Have some treetop fun zip-lining in Purchase

Gear up! This week’s Road Trip: Close to Home takes us through an aerial ropes course in Purchase.
We’re having some treetop fun zip-lining with 'Boundless Adventures’ in Purchase.
Make a reservation and you can climb more than a hundred platforms nestled in the trees that are between 15 to 20 feet apart. “This is a great opportunity to be outside, have a good time, and be in a safe environment,” says Robert Difeo, supervisor at Boundless Adventures
First, you’ll have to harness in. “After every guest uses a harness, when it comes off, we’re washing it completely before any other guests get on it,” says Difeo.
And when you’re on the platform, a staff member will be there to make sure you’re clipped in correctly.
Within the nine courses, there are dozens of bridges and some speedy zip lines that are bound to make you feel like the world is your playground.
You can challenge yourself along four different course levels ranging from beginner to expert. “It’s a little bit of a combination of how much balance you need, the height definitely plays a factor,” says Difeo.