GOP strategists offer differing views on president’s campaign going forth

A former Yonkers councilman and Republican strategist says President Donald Trump's downplaying of the coronavirus will negatively affect his campaign strategy now that he has been infected.

News 12 Staff

Oct 2, 2020, 10:59 PM

Updated 1,349 days ago


News 12 spoke with two Republican political strategists, John Murtaugh and Jason Meister, for their takes on how the president’s diagnosis will affect his campaign going forward.
President Trump and the first lady announced early Friday morning that they were infected with COVID-19.
Meister, a co-chair of the president’s reelection campaign, says he believes because the president has shown great leadership throughout the pandemic only Democrats will be hurt by it.
“If anyone is hurt politically by this, it will be the press and Democrats. Not the president,” he told News 12. “I think the media has pushed the virus, fearmongered the virus and have continued day in and day out because they realize the president's record is unbeatable.”
Murtaugh, a former Yonkers City councilman and frequent critic of the president, says there is no benefit to his campaign.
“Now what's his message going to be? 'Oops, I was wrong?'” he asked.

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