Headlines: New Rochelle shooting, Hazmat scare in Saugerties, dirt bike-car crash in Peekskill

Here are some stories making headlines across the Hudson Valley.
Early Monday morning, a shooting occurred on Main Street, New Rochelle, near Monroe College. The suspect shot a 33-year-old New Rochelle man in the leg before fleeing in a black sedan. Authorities urge anyone with information to contact New Rochelle police.
Hazmat crews were called to Kings Highway in Saugerties after a truck rolled onto a gas line, causing leaks of fluid and diesel. Crews promptly addressed the situation, employing absorbent pads to contain the spills. The truck was eventually lifted from the gas line and towed away.
Sunday night witnessed a collision between a dirt bike and a car off Washington Street in Peekskill. The unregistered bike resulted in two individuals being taken to Westchester Medical Center with injuries that are not life-threatening, while the other driver remained unharmed.