Heating companies scramble to make emergency repairs

While winter has not arrived, this week's frigid temperatures are already causing problems for some Hudson Valley homeowners.
Some residents say they are turning on their furnaces to find that there is no heat.
Heating companies in the area say they are scrambling to make last-minute emergency repairs.
Debbie Valentine, with Smith Plumbing and Heating in Port Jervis, says they have been getting non-stop calls for a lack of heat now that the temperatures have dropped. 
One technician says he received six calls on Wednesday. He says he has been working around the clock, six days a week since the frigid temperatures hit.
His boss says they are used to it in this business, and that the no heat calls take priority over everything else because many people often find out their heat doesn't work when it's too late.
Experts say that the best thing residents can do to avoid problems this heating season is as simple as setting up a routine service check.