Chinese lantern festival lights up the sky above Citi Field for the holiday season

A new lantern festival has taken over Citi Field, lighting up the sky starting Friday.
The Hello Panda Festival is celebrating the holidays and the traditional art of Chinese lantern making with over 100 displays.

"We bring far from China these lanterns, beautiful lanterns, to welcome the New Yorkers, to enjoy the holiday season,” says Winston Wang, general manager of China Performing Arts Agency.

All of the lights, an upward of 10 million small bulbs, were built in China and assembled within two months.
"We want to create the largest lantern festival in North America," says Wang.

The guest of honor at this holiday festival is not Santa Claus, but the panda.

"The panda is always smiling, it's always nice, always having a good time so we want everyone to enjoy,” says Wang.
Visitors can see the lanterns and the lights until Jan. 26.