Hispanic Heritage Month: New Port Chester mayor 'excited to serve' and won't forget roots

Luis Marino became Port Chester's mayor back in April, making him the village's first Hispanic mayor to serve.
He represents the small village of 30,000 people - with two-thirds of the population there Hispanic or Latino - but he says it's more of a melting pot.
"It's all about to help the community, like I always say, I'm a mayor for everybody in Port Chester. I love what I do," says Marino.
The Peruvian immigrant says even though he came to Port Chester when he was 18, he will never forget his roots.
He quickly became involved in his community as a village trustee and volunteer firefighter.
One of his biggest challenges as mayor is helping business owners of all different ethnicities in the village thrive during the pandemic.
The mayor says he will continue to do his best to represent not just Hispanic and Latino community members, but anyone in the village who needs his assistance.