Homeowners: Potholes return in Blooming Grove after paving repair

Some homeowners in Orange County are having to deal with barrel-sized potholes, months after they paid a paving company to fix them.
Neighbors say roads like Orchard Trail in Blooming Grove are private and the town doesn’t take care of them. Homeowners have to maintain the road themselves.

“Some of us will buy gravel and fill in the potholes the best we can,” says Benita Johnson.
Residents say they finally decided to pay a local paving company $6,300 to take care of the potholes last fall.
They say VanEtten Paving promised to "remove the pothole memory" from several hundred yards of roadway and said it would last several years. But the potholes were back one month later, they say.
The owner of the paving company tells News 12 he promised to redo the work this spring but it never happened.
The company owner responded two weeks ago to homeowners’ phone calls, but they say the calls were returned because News 12 got in touch with them.

The company owner told News 12 the road has a drainage problem that caused the potholes to return.  He now wants to refund the full $6,300 to the residents.