Hostos Community College prepares for fall semester with security improvements

In addition to a shopping frenzy, the back-to-school season means security personnel will be back at college campuses, working to ensure the safety of attending students.
At Hostos Community College, security systems are hard at work to protect the students, staff and facility as a whole. Cameras flank each hallway, in addition to 46 NYPD peace officers patrolling the grounds.
At each main entrance to the campus' halls, visitors and students are greeted by a turnstyle that only opens with the swipe of a valid ID card. Anyone without one will have to speak with a public safety officer to gain access.
Students will be notified of any emergencies through the CUNY Alert System, which will send text messages or emails to the entire college community.
Director of Public Safety Arnaldo Bernabe says that although there is a lot of technology at work to keep the campus safe, the officers are still the best tool for the job. He says they are the ones out on the grounds, building up a rapport with students and faculty that adds to the community.