‘How they live is deplorable’: Adult care facility in Rockland County shut down due to violations

An adult care facility in Rockland County is set to close after numerous violations were allegedly discovered on the property.
State Health Department officials have deemed the conditions unfit for the extremely vulnerable residents. This has led to the revocation of the facility's license.
Officials in Rockland County described the conditions inside the Garnerville Home for Adults in West Haverstraw as shocking, with dozens of violations.
"Interior of the place is deplorable. How they live is deplorable. I think what we've done, the village of West Haverstraw's done, is save a lot of lives." says West Haverstraw Building and Fire Inspector Fred Viohl.
The faulty fire alarms were a critical factor in bringing this issue to light, marking the third call in two weeks for fire crews and the village building and fire inspector. The State Health Department was recently alerted about the violations, which included rotting stairwells, missing fire doors, residents not receiving their medications, and various other health and safety concerns.
With the suspension of the certificate of occupancy by village officials and the revocation of the facility's license by the state, no one is allowed to operate or be in the buildings until the issues are rectified. This also means that dozens of residents will need to find alternative accommodations.
According to the state, the facility is operated by Garnerville HFA Operation & Management LLC. Employees did not provide a comment on the problems or where the residents will go next.