‘How they live is deplorable.’ Rockland officials shut down Garnerville living facility over multiple violations

Rockland County officials on Wednesday announced the Garnerville Home for Adults will be closing down after dozens of violations were allegedly found throughout the property.
Officials told News 12 that the home had recently had three fire calls in the last two weeks.
"The interior of the place is deplorable,” said Village of West Haverstraw Building and Fire Inspector Fred Viohl. “How they live is deplorable."
Viohl notified the New York state Department of Health after his recent September inspection found 41 violations. The violations included a missing fire door, rotted egress stairs and a locked egress door among other health and safety problems.
"I think what we've done, the village of West Haverstraw’s done, is save a lot of lives,” added Viohl.
The state Health Department is expected to suspend the facilities license this week, according to Viohl.
The village has also suspended the certificate of occupancy, meaning no one can operate or be in the buildings until issues are fixed. According to the state, the facility is operated by an LLC, Garnerville HFA Operation & Management.
The facility’s employees declined to comment on the problems nor where the residents will go next. In a statement to News 12, the state Health Department said, "The New York State Department of Health has made it a top priority to hold adult care facilities and their operators accountable for the quality of care they provide." Health officials also acknowledged a suspension has been issued, an investigation is being launched, and residents will be brought to places that meet their needs.
Rockland County Executive Ed Day called for an independent investigation into Garnerville. “The victims in this case are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and more to families in Rockland," said Day. "A facility such as this does not develop deficiencies overnight."