Hudson Valley Jewish residents push for donations, relief efforts

Hundreds of thousands of Israeli soldiers are amassing at the Gaza border for a potential ground attack, and among the soldiers are Hudson Valley residents.
The war may be thousands of miles away, but Jewish residents like Marla Enowitz, of Rye Brook, are feeling the impacts in the Hudson Valley.
Her cousin is fighting on the front lines with the Israeli Defense Forces and provides updates on his social media pages.
"He's just trying to share some strength when everything feels so helpless," she said.
That uneasy feeling is shared by many Jewish residents. "I feel like these past few days, I've been living in a fog, a complete state of anxiety," said Rebecca Zaltas, Rye Brook resident.
Zaltas said the war is also bringing an urgent call for unity.
She and other Rye Brook moms are helping get the word out about collection drives happening at local synagogues as well as sharing ways to donate money to organizations providing relief and supplies to Israelis impacted by the war.
"Things are definitely being done, and at home here we can stick together as a community -but not just as a community but as human beings," she said.
Organizations Accepting Donations: