Dangerous heat lingers through Friday; tracking weekend thunderstorms

Hudson Valley seeks relief from scorching temperatures

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News 12 Staff

Jun 28, 2021, 4:58 PM

Updated 1,088 days ago


News 12 meteorologists say the Hudson Valley could be in the midst of a heat wave, with at least three days of temperatures in the 90s.
Along the Yonkers waterfront, people say the heat’s not that bad. If you want to spend time outside that doesn't involve the pool, hanging out along the Hudson River is a really great place to stay cool.
The wind that comes off the Hudson River that makes it unbearably cold in the winter is now helping. “I ran and then when the breeze came, it was really refreshing," says Riilet Predstin.
Others tell News 12 to use common sense and listen to your body. "Today I was using my water bottle and kept on pouring on myself,” says Gabriela Soto.

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