Hundreds of educators volunteer to tutor Israeli children

Two tri-state educators are gathering together teachers and tutors to help Israeli children.
Tamar Lindenfeld was checking in with family in Israel when she realized schools are closed and families could really use some stability right now.
Her friend, Jamie Meltsner, jumped in to help. Together, the two of them now have emails from over 400 people willing to help donate time early in the morning to tutor Israeli children.
"We felt like they needed the individualized attention, the support, and to give their parents a break because many of them have one parent sent off to the war," Lindenfeld said.
"It just shows there's a light in darkness, the amount of people willing to give up their time," Meltsner said.
Some tutors and families have already been paired up. Instruction began Friday morning.
The pair hope to formalize the venture soon with a name. They intend to offer long term support to Israeli families and be able to help in other crises.
The tutors have received so many offers from help already, but do expect more students in need over time so, if you want to help, you can email or
People can also reach out if you need help whether you're in the U.S. or in Israel.