‘I was going to go down fighting’ - 6th-grader grabbed baseball bat during Colorado shooting

A sixth-grader who was hiding during a school shooting in Colorado says that he wasn’t going to let the shooters hurt him or his friends.
Nate Holley, 12, is a student at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where officials say two students opened fire on their classmates and teachers, killing one and injuring nine others.
Holley said that when the gunfire went off he and his fellow classmates hid in their classroom.
“I was hiding in the corner and they were right outside the door. I had my hand on the metal baseball bat just in case, because I was going to go down fighting if I was going to go down,” he says.
Colorado officials say that 18-year-old Devon Erickson and a juvenile girl are responsible for the shooting at the school on May 7. Nine people were shot, including 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo. Castillo was shot while lunging at a gunman, giving students a chance to escape and hide.
Castillo died from his injuries.
“One of the kids told me that, like a flash, he jumped out. She said, ‘You know he really saved me,’” says Castillo’s father, John Castillo.
The Associated Press reports that a security guard credited with capturing one of the alleged shooters fired his gun inside of the school. Two Colorado news organizations citing anonymous sources have also reported that authorities are investigating whether the guard mistakenly fired at a responding sheriff's deputy and may have wounded a student.
CNN reports that Erickson took the two guns used in the shooting from his parents.
Erickson is expected in back in court Friday to be formally charged.