Infectious disease specialist faces backlash following coronavirus information session

The Scarsdale Village Board recently held a coronavirus information session featuring a lecture from an infectious disease expert, but people say that the doctor made racist remarks during the meeting.
Dr. Harish Moorjani says his intention was to present facts and point out why the pandemic will be different in the U.S. in comparison to China.
He showed a photo of bats at a market during the session to demonstrate the trade and how, he says, the virus was contracted to humans.
Moorjani also accuses the Chinese government for not warning the world about the dangers of COVID-19.
In a statement, the Greenburgh Human Rights Advisory Committee says, "biases fan the flames of hatred that some seize upon to scapegoat one group."
The Chinese community says they have been trying to meet or receive a letter of apology from Moorjani.
Moorjani tells News 12 he stands by the facts he presented, but is sorry for the way the community feels about his actions.
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