Informational meeting between Monroe, Kirays Joel canceled

A dialogue that Monroe residents wish to occur has yet to happen, as leaders of Kiryas Joel remain quiet about a petition filed in January to double the size of the rapidly expanding Hasidic village.
On Tuesday, News 12 received a copy of a letter written by Kiryas Joel Administrator Gedayle Szegedin, addressed to the town, canceling a tentatively planned "informational meeting."
The letter reads, "We wholeheartedly endorse the notion of building a better understanding among Monroe residents by ensuring that fair and accurate information replace fear, mistrust and anger among neighbors."
Some Monroe residents say the cancellation is a shame, as talks should occur.
Kiryas Joel hired an Albany-based public relations firm to handle their questions, but requests by News 12 for interviews or comments from leaders were declined.
Member of the Satmar community took to Twitter to claim the meeting was canceled because of anti-Semitism, an accusation the people in town continue to deny.
Town of Monroe leaders also declined to comment on the meeting's cancellation.