'It's heartbreaking.' GoFundMe to help victims of Afghanistan earthquake that killed over 2,000

More than 2,000 people have died in the wake of a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck the western part of Afghanistan last Saturday. Another earthquake hit the country Sunday.
"It's just hard seeing what people are going through, my people my country its heartbreaking," said Farzana Jamalzada.
News 12 first spoke to Jamalzada after she emigrated to the United States from Afghanistan as U.S. troops withdrew from the country and the Taliban seized control.
She served as a translator for the "Afghan Women's Circle" organized by the Westchester Jewish Coalition for Immigration, which has helped countless Afghan refugees start new lives in the Hudson Valley.
Farzana started a GoFundMe and raised more than $1,000 to send to humanitarian groups on the ground in areas impacted by the earthquakes.
"Maybe $1,000 is nothing in the U.S., but that would be so much for the people in Afghanistan," she said.
She is frustrated seeing the lack of media coverage on the earthquakes and the lack of humanitarian aid going into the country.
"Nobody is talking about what is going on there and how many people have lost their lives and their homes," she said.
Afghan women living under the Taliban are mostly confined to their homes.
UNICEF said 90% of the victims killed in the quakes were women and children.