It's like nails on a chalkboard.' Ossining homeowners say they are bombarded with high-pitched sounds all day

Ossining residents say they are being bombarded by a high-pitched sound almost all day – every day.
Laurie Holler says she moved up to Ossining for the quiet - specifically to a place that looks like a pristine hiking trail, where the only sounds are usually cicadas and birds.
She says that since May she has heard the high-pitched sound about 20 hours a day, every single day.
"It goes anywhere from 10 p.m. straight through til 5 p.m," she says. "Constant, high-frequency, high-pitched, kind of debilitating, almost vibrational at times."
She and her neighbor, Jamie Black, believe the noise comes from the Croton-Harmon Metro-North station.
They think with the recent multibillion-dollar expansion - idling trains waiting to be fixed are making the noise.
"It's like nails on a chalkboard," says Black.
In a statement, MTA told News 12 it is completely upgrading a critical location for Metro-North operations.
It said, "This project, which is scheduled to be completed over the next two years, will greatly benefit the Hudson Line for decades to come."
Hollar says she's emailed the MTA, gone through her town supervisor, assembly members, other government officials to find a solution - to no avail.
Hollar and Black says Ossining had this same problem back in 2004, and the solution was simply to stop idling trains.They are hoping for a similar, speedy response now.