Jets linebacker CJ Mosley hopes NFL teams can inspire change in their communities

In the wake of George Floyd’s death and nationwide protests to support racial equality, NFL teams are looking for ways that they can show support.
“Each team effects their state, their city, their community in a certain way, so I hope the NFL and the players association and the players all work together to better each team to provide everything that we can to help this cause,” says New York Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley.
Mosley says that team owner Christopher Johnson held a virtual meeting to voice his support and to offer a direct line of communication to Jets players.
“He pretty much let us know that anything that we needed he was there to help. He gave out his personal info, he said any guy that wants to call to get together and work something out,” says Mosley. “That definitely meant a lot to me and I’m sure to everybody else.”
Mosley joined the Jets last year, but he spent the previous five seasons playing for the Baltimore Ravens. In 2017, he was among the players that were booed for taking a knew before the game in support of racial equality and social justice.
“It’s from that experience, I know I can use that to talk to the coaches and talk to players to see if that’s something we want to do,” Mosley says.
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Mosley says that the Jets still need to have many conversations about what they can do as a team for the cause. He says that he is optimistic that they will have the full support of the NFL.
“I would think that the NFL and the owners and the coaches would have our backs 100%, full support,” he says. “Like I said, we’ve got to have that conversation so we can all see where everybody’s mindset is at.”
Mosley missed most of last season with Jets due to an injury. But he says that he is cleared and will be ready for Jets training camp this summer.