Jewish leaders discuss safety issues at Ramapo yeshivas

Jewish school leaders in Rockland are pledging to fully support the state's plans to enforce fire codes at non-public school buildings.
Dozens of Yeshiva leaders met on Wednesday.
They discussed how to work with Town of Ramapo officials during the upcoming series of fire safety inspections.
Earlier this week, the state ordered the town to fix its fire inspection process.
The Jewish leaders also signed a statement saying they will take all necessary steps to address any safety deficiencies and work alongside the town.
"Sometimes you have a little thing that you overlook," says Rabbi Moshe Schwab, who runs the Yeshiva Degel Hatorah. "We can't overlook anymore."
Meanwhile, the town is wrapping up its own investigation into fire inspector Adam Peltz, who officials say is responsible for granting passing inspections to private schools with hazardous safety violations.
Schwab says the schools must rely on more than official inspections to keep children safe.
"The schools themselves have to police themselves and realize, you have a little thing that breaks — you've got to fix it immediately," he says.