John and Nicole Naudy, of Monroe, arrested for allegedly abusing disabled man to extort money from him

A Monroe couple was arrested for allegedly abusing a disabled man to extort money from him.
The FBI swarmed a house on Orion Avenue Wednesday and arrested 28-year-old John Naudy and his 27-year-old wife, Nicole. According to a federal complaint, the Naudys had terrorized the deaf and developmentally disabled man for the past year. The couple, who are also parents to a toddler, allegedly extorted $60,000 from the victim.
The indictment says the Naudys tortured the victim, drugging him to steal money and manipulating the man into wearing women's clothing in public. Video of the man being forced to dance in a parking lot was allegedly posted to YouTube.
The Naudys allegedly threatened the man, saying the mafia would hurt his mother and his dog if he did not meet their demands. The couple also allegedly put duct tape around his legs and drained his blood to the point where he had to be airlifted to Westchester Medical Center.
A federal judge ordered John and Nicole Naudy held without bail. They face five years in prison if convicted.