Judge rejects stop-and-frisk police union claims

A judge has rejected police union efforts to overturn a court ruling that said the city's stop-and-frisk tactics were at times discriminatory. 
It was decided that the original ruling did not damage the reputations of police unions. However, they sued to get that overturned after the city settled the case, agreeing to make reforms to ensure there is no discrimination against minorities. 
The Police Benevolent Association released a statement saying in part, "We disagree with the outcome in the district court inasmuch as it is clear that prior rulings and the proposed settlement of the case will substantially impact New York City police officers." 
Mayor Bill de Blasio also spoke about the court ruling, saying that the decision to formally approve the settlement and resolve stop-and-frisk litigations is a major step toward repairing police relations with the communities they serve.