Judge rules Troconis must continue to wear GPS ankle monitor during Friday's hearing

For the first time in several months, the case against Michelle Troconis went before a judge - but without Troconis in court.
Her attorney Jon Schoenhorn says she no longer lives in Connecticut and splits her time between Florida and Colorado.
The purpose of Friday's hearing was to determine if there should be another hearing to look into whether police misled a judge so they could get arrest warrants against Michelle Troconis, as they investigated the disappearance of her boyfriend's estranged wife Jennifer Dulos in May 2019. Schoenhorn says they did, claiming discrepancies between what is written in the warrants and what video evidence actually shows.
Schoenhorn points to footage of Fotis Dulos and Troconis in Hartford where police say they dumped bloody evidence -- and footage of a six-hour police interview with Troconis.
Assistant State's Attorney Dan Cummings countered Friday saying the warrant only has to show there's probable cause, not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.
Judge Gary White chose not to make a decision Friday but he did rule on yet another request from Schoenhorn to remove his client's GPS ankle monitor. White denied it despite Schoenhorn's argument Troconis has been in total compliance since her first arrest in June 2019.
"It's been on her ankle ever since," said Schoenhorn.
"Is that your way of telling me the conditions are working and should remain?" White replied.
"I submit that after a while, years of ankle bracelet becomes more of a punishment than a necessary step," said Schoenhorn.
"So she's been able to freely travel around the United States?" asked White, to which Schoenhorn replied "Yes." "She's at liberty now. She can work, visit family and friends, do whatever she wants to do."
"That's correct," said Schoenhorn.
"She's not here today. You mentioned it may be tantamount to a punishment. Doesn't sound like it to me," replied White.
White presided over Friday's hearing because Judge John Blawie, who has the case, is the judge who signed the arrest warrants.
The next court date is set for Feb. 15.