Judge rules UPS temporarily halt expanding Tuckahoe Road facility

Neighbors living in the Grassy Sprain area of Yonkers temporarily got their wish in their ongoing legal battle with UPS.
Construction at the UPS site on Tuckahoe Road would transform it into a massive 24-hour shipping facility.
About 2,000 neighbors formed a group called StopUPS.org. They sued the company and the city of Yonkers, claiming the facility would bring horrendous traffic and be detrimental to their quality of life.
In response to the temporary court order, UPS issued a statement saying, "UPS strives to be a good neighbor. We are following every regulation in our use of the Tuckahoe Road property, and we are maintaining open communication with the community."
The city of Yonkers also released a statement saying, "The Mayor's Office hopes to be helpful in mediating any differences between the area residents and UPS."
Lawyers for StopUPS.org are headed back to court on Nov. 30. They say at that time, they'll ask a judge for a preliminary injunction to stop UPS from doing any construction at the Tuckahoe Road facility while the lawsuit is pending.
News 12 was told UPS took over the Tuckahoe Road facility in Yonkers about a year ago. The building was once occupied by Saks Fifth Avenue.