Latimer: Uptick in COVID-19 concerning in county, but not ready to call it official second wave

The news of a possible COVID-19 vaccine comes at a critical time for the region as cases continue to rise in Westchester.
From a numbers perspective, Westchester is trending in the wrong direction - not as bad as it was in the spring but bad enough that officials are on alert.
The latest batch of coronavirus tests are coming back at a 3.5% infection rate -- it was just over 1% back in August.
The number of people getting tested is also higher than it was, but nearly every metric is up.
There are more than 2,000 active cases in the county, which is up from 400 just three months ago.
A total of 82 people are now in the hospital, double what it was a week ago.
Deaths are becoming more constant - three have been reported in the last three days.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer says the numbers are concerning, but he isn't ready to call this an official second wave just yet.
"I don't think we've reached the point at which we can call it a wave of similar intensity to what we saw in the spring and if it becomes that then indeed it will be a ferocious impact to us," he said.
Latimer attributes some of the rise in cases to recent private social gatherings at home, schools opening and general pandemic fatigue.
While his team monitors the numbers, any real changes to slow the spread will have to come from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.