Lawmakers: Bill will stop New York from doing business with Russia

Local elected officials from all levels of government stood shoulder to shoulder today to talk about new legislation that would take aim at Russia.
The group, led by Democratic state Sen. Elijah Reichlin-Melnick and Democratic Assembly Member Nader Sayegh, says they will do more than offer thoughts and prayers for Ukraine by instead taking action to hit Russia's economy. They are introducing state legislation called the Stop Russian Aggression Act.
If signed into law, it would stop New York from awarding contracts to businesses that deal with or are based in Russia as well as begin divesting the New York state pension fund from companies in Russia and the businesses that do business there.
"We will do in New York whatever we can to try to deter and punish the aggression from the Russian empire," says Reichlin-Melnick. "It is crucial now more than ever that we unite together to send a very strong message to stop this invasion," says Sayegh.
Lawmakers believe this legislation will receive support on both sides of the aisle.