Legislator blasts Hispanic media in Mamaroneck torso mystery

Mamaroneck police, flanked by a Westchester County legislator, pleaded for help from the Hispanic community in the torso murder case.
Legislator Jose Alvarado (D-Yonkers) joined police at a meeting Thursday to discuss the mysterious torso that washed ashore at Harbor Island Park March 3. Alvarado could barely disguise his anger that no members of the Hispanic media came to the meeting. Alvarado says many in the Hispanic community are not aware of the case. ?This is just an example of how misinformed our community is and we need to get the word out,? says the legislator.
Police believe the tattoo of cherries on the torso is their greatest clue into the woman?s identity. Detectives released the fact that the suitcase the torso was found in is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. Police also say forensic photography was performed on the tattoo. They cannot confirm that the cherries covered up another tattoo, as previously thought. Anyone with information is urged to contact Mamaroneck police at 914-777-7739.
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