LI kidnapping survivor Katie Beers says Paislee's rescue brings memories back to her time in captivity

Monday's discovery upstate of a young girl who was missing for two years is drawing similarities to another missing persons cases decades ago in Bay Shore.
Katie Beers was kidnapped in 1992 and held in a Bay Shore bunker by family friend John Esposito.
She says her first reaction is joy that a child that was missing was found, but then she worries what the child will go through in the recovery.
"It floods me with so many memories and brings me back to my time in captivity," Beers says.
Beers was held for a total of 17 days and was sexually assaulted by her abductor.
Paislee had been missing for more than two years allegedly by her biological parents who did not have custody of her.
"I hope obviously that she didn't sustain a lot of the traumas that I did," Beers says.
Beers says that as the suspect kidnappers are brought to justice, whoever looks after Paislee needs to wrap her with love and show her the support she needs.