Liquor store bandits confound Middletown police

Police are searching for a group of Gypsies Thursday after they distracted a liquor store owner and stole bags of cash.The store?s security cameras caught up to eight Gypsies singing and cavorting in the aisles of Budget Beverage. The surveillance tape shows one man talking to the store?s clerk, who steps out from behind the counter to help the man find an item. As he leaves, a woman in a white veil steals two bags stuffed with $15,000 in cash. Police say the Gypsies rushed out of the store after taking the money.Earlier, police say the group targeted a local deli, but didn?t get away with anything. The deli owner taped the incident on his video camera. Police say the group may have been casing both places because they knew where to look for money.Anyone with information is asked to call the Middletown Police Department at 845-341-3151.