Local craft brewery changing the culture of beer in Bushwick

By Liz Muentes, Digital Producer
Brooklyn's craft beer scene is booming! 
Bushwick, once known as “the beer capital of the northeast,” is making great waves with its return. 
Kings County Brewers Collective, a local Bushwick brewery and the first to operate in the neighborhood in more than 40 years, is changing the culture of beer in Bushwick. 
Located on Troutman Street - Kings County Brewers Collective, also known as KCBC, is putting a modern twist to history by creating locally brewed beer unlike any other. 
“Our goal here and production is to make a wide variety of current and classical styles of beer,” says Pete Lengyel, co-founder of KCBC. 
In a 5,000-square foot warehouse, this production brewery and taproom is a gathering space where people can come and hang out, drink some beers and witness fresh brewed beer. 
KCBC prides itself on its four different beer styles, unique packaging and community.
 KCBC is open seven days a week.