Local officials expect rush for permits after Supreme Court's gun ruling

Local and state officials in New York anticipate a push for more full carry permits following the Supreme Court's ruling on New York's concealed carry regulations.
The Westchester County Clerk’s Office told News 12 phones were ringing off the hook the minute the ruling was released.
County Clerk Tim Idoni says there are over 20,000 licenses in the county, and he imagines most will now want full carry - but judges will have the final say.
“This brutal decision will add a massive amount of work to the office, and worse, add thousands of guns on the street carried by people who may or may not be qualified to handle them,” he said.
Gov. Kathy Hochul says she'll call a special session to address the ruling, particularly to try to limit the places where you can conceal carry. She adds she expects a rush for permits, but you can't just start walking around with a concealed gun suddenly.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer adds the county's trying to figure out what's next just as everyone else is.
“I think the difficult part for our law enforcement is they'll need to get a clear guidance from the general government," said Latimer. "And I'll look to the state because you want a statewide response, not a county response. Let us have some direction as to how you expect these men and women to enforce the default laws in place since this law was deemed unconstitutional. But I think we all want that with a desire for speed."