Looking for a delicious task? Here are some recipes to make while you’re home

Some of these recipes are quick - for when you have to juggle homeschooling your kids and work from home. Some are more complicated - for when you need to keep your mind and hands busy doing a tasty task.
Spaghetti cacio e pepe - two types of cheese, makes this delicious creamy dish.
Cacio e pepe Brussels sprouts - Cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) is usually made with pasta. This recipe is a health(ish) take on that. 
Margherita pizza - store-bought pizza dough helps speed up this recipe.
Country fried chicken sandwich - Delicious and simple!
Baked chicken - You can begin this dish the night before.
Cook with Chef Guy! Crepes:
Not so easy:
Penne alla vodka - for this recipe you have to use your hands to crush the tomatoes! 
Stuffed pork chops - take out your frustrations by hammering the pork chop!
How about a sweet treat?