Love in full swing at PXG's Couples Golf Clinics

Love was in full swing at PXG in New Rochelle where husband and wife Randy Martin and Donna Cooper shared their love of golf.

Katerina Belales

Feb 14, 2024, 11:04 PM

Updated 93 days ago


Love was in full swing at PXG in New Rochelle this Valentine’s Day.
Husband and wife Randy Martin and Donna Cooper traveled all the way from Westbury, NY to share their love for golf. They are regulars at the shop, and have grown immense connections with other couples over the years.
“We’ve met three or four couples that now we can go out and play golf with, or even just go out to dinner with," said Martin. "So, it’s been wonderful. And we kind of have the same attitudes towards things. It’s been great.”
The two put their skills to the test as part of the store’s Valentine’s Day Couples Clinic, adding a twist to the traditional Valentine’s Day date and including women in the mainly male-dominated sport. 
“I’ve met so many other women that golf, and that we can now golf with as couples…which for me is exciting,” said Cooper.
Wednesday's clinic stems from the store’s weekly PGA clinics, where most participants are already couples taking a swing at learning more about golf. According to the store's Manager, Jason Tomlinson, PXG wanted to expand on those sessions and try to make it a more inclusive experience for everyone.
“There were some couples that were just sitting and kind of watching the clinics, so we wanted them to get a little more hands-on," he said. "So, we created the Valentine’s event. [We] figured it would be a nice touch to get everyone involved.”
Participants can also peruse through the shop, either before or after the clinic, to see all that it has to offer. In fact, the shop itself was Martin's original incentive to get Cooper into the sport.
“When we got together about 20 years ago, I got her into golf by fashion,” Martin said.
“They always have new clothes, new fashions [and] new outfits," Cooper added. "So, we’ll do the clinic and then I get to shop and figure out things to add to my wardrobe.”
While Cooper said the store does offer many trendy options in clothing and gear, her and Martin's experience in the clinics have changed their perspective on the sport and given them a new sense of community.
“It’s almost like a club that you didn’t know you belonged to, but you do belong,” said Cooper.
“It’s like a family," says Martin. 

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