Man accused of helping his wife commit suicide on Bear Mountain in court

The man accused of encouraging his wife to drive off a Bear Mountain cliff with their two daughters in the car, appeared in court Thursday.Victor Han, of Staten Island, faced a judge at the Rockland County courthouse to find out when his trial will begin. A tentative date has been set for March 28. Prosecutors say Han knew his wife, Hejin, was suicidal but offered to take her on a drive up Bear Mountain in June. According to police, Han got out of the family?s minivan at the top of the mountain, allowing Hejin to drive the vehicle off a 300-foot cliff. The couple?s children, aged three and five, were in the backseat. They were uninjured, but Hejin died.Han?s lawyer says his client got out of the car to take a picture and did nothing criminal. Han is charged with promoting suicide and endangering the welfare of his children. If convicted, Han faces up to 13 years in prison.
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