Man accused of helping wife commit suicide in Stony Point gets show of support

The man accused of helping his wife commit suicide got a huge show of support for his court appearance Tuesday.
Victor Han appeared in court after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation and pleaded not guilty in to charges of promoting a suicide attempt, reckless endangerment and endangering children. Both his family and his wife?s family, along with friends were standing by his side. The families say they are showing support for the sake of the children.
Investigators say Han stepped out of the family minivan at the top of Bear Mountain to take a picture, allowing his wife, Hejin, to drive the van off a cliff with the couple's two young daughters in the back seat. The children suffered only minor injuries.
The defense argued that nothing criminal took place. There is a limited order of protection, but when Han is done with a psychiatric evaluation, he will be free to see his kids again. Han is due back in court August 17. The prosecution wants a few months to review the medical examiner?s report on what exactly killed Hejin Han.
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