Trump Organization’s Westchester estate to be part of Manhattan DA’s investigation

The investigation involves Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance and focuses on the Trump family compound in Westchester.

News 12 Staff

Jan 16, 2021, 9:42 PM

Updated 1,283 days ago


President Donald Trump could be facing legal issues in regard to the family’s Westchester estate known as Seven Springs.
The investigation surrounds a conservation easement donation of 158 acres to a land trust valued at $21 million in 2021. This may have allowed the Trump Organization to take a tax deduction, which was based on the property’s value.
That would have made the tax deduction larger then what it should have been.
News 12’s Scott McGree broke the story late Friday and now News 12 has confirmed with the Town of North Castle that they’ve given the Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance financial documents about Seven Springs.
The documents include planning board files, emails and any correspondence between the town of North Castle and the Trump organization.
The 212-acre property actually is part of three different towns and was bought by the president in the mid-1990s for $7.5 million.
Dan Schorr is a former inspector general in Yonkers as well as a former prosecutor in Westchester and Manhattan. He says while it is "certainly a very significant step," the investigations are still in the very early stages.
"People shouldn't assume that just because these subpoenas and interviews are occurring, that there is definitely going to be a prosecution," he says.
Investigators have been halted to the issue because Trump has been president of the United States, which allows him to delay and/or postpone lawsuits and investigations about him.
However, Schorr says investigations by the Manhattan DA and the New York Attorney General could also be ramping up because come Wednesday, Trump will no longer be president.  "President Trump is going to have to have his organization respond to information, depositions, other things from law enforcement that he may not have had to do when he was in the White House," he says.

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