Many Spring Valley residents upset over sentencing decision in 2021 deadly Evergreen adult home fire

Spring Valley residents who have been following the Evergreen adult home fire case since volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd's untimely death in March 2021 shared their frustrations on Wednesday evening.
Many felt the decision not to put the two men responsible for starting the fire, Nathaniel and Aaron Sommer, behind bars was unfair to Lloyd's family.
"That's not good. It's injustice for the family," said Spring Valley resident Blessed Shelembe.
Others felt the sentence of probation for both men set a bad precedent.
"Whether you've been in trouble or not, the law is the law. You can only go so far. You can only be just so lenient on people," said Spring Valley resident John Allen.
The Sommers, who are father and son, pleaded guilty to starting the fire as they were kosherizing the kitchen at the Evergreen Court Adult Home for Passover.
Lloyd was part of the team who helped save more than 100 residents' lives before the building collapsed and trapped him leading to his death.
His family, supporters, and firefighters have been highly critical of the plea deal reached between the Sommers and prosecutors.
Rockland County District Attorney Tom Walsh said in part of a prepared statement following the sentencing, "We take into account a myriad of factors from the defendant's history to the intent and the nature of the crime. Always adhering strictly to the ethical principles that guide our legal profession."
Lloyd leaves behind both his parents, as well as two sons.