Mary Ann's Mexican Restaurant in Port Chester the latest small business to get boost from Barstool

The man behind Barstool Sports is raising millions of dollars for struggling small businesses across the country and in the Hudson Valley. 
Anthony Capone and Eileen Globokar are managers of Mary Ann's Mexican Restaurant in Port Chester — one of the most hard-hit areas of the region from the COVID-19 pandemic.
"What we're dealing with is…you can drive five minutes down the road into the next town and eat inside, you don't have to stay in Port Chester because every surrounding town around here does indoor dining, it's only just not us," they say.
A loss of up to 75% of business has put them on the verge of permanently shutting their doors in as little as four months. 
But digital media company Barstool Sports is offering a lifeline to struggling businesses.
"Everyone knows it's common-sense small businesses are struggling, but when you see the visceral reactions, you can't help but want to help and I think that's what is driving it," says Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy.
Portnoy donated $500,000 and started the Barstool Fund, which has now raised well over $18 million.
Requirements aren't difficult: all you have to do is prove your business is successful and that your employees are still on the payroll.
And just like that, requests from Mary Ann's Mexican Restaurant and more than 70 other small businesses across the country began pouring in.
In just days from sending their request, they got the call, allowing them to keep their doors open.
The Barstool Fund says as long as the money keeps going up, it will keep pouring it out.