Mayor de Blasio: 13 coronavirus cases in NYC, including new case in the Bronx

Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference Sunday that the city has identified a new coronavirus case in the Bronx, for a total of 13 cases in the city so far.
Further details on the Bronx case would be released later in the day, de Blasio said. He said that there are currently 19 people in mandatory quarantine in the city who could face a fine if they don't honor the orders. Another 2,176 people are in voluntary quarantine, he said.
It comes after Gov. Andrew Cuomo said earlier Sunday that there are now 105 cases across New York state.
Mayor de Blasio said a New Jersey health care worker with coronavirus also saw patients at a health facility in Brooklyn while he was symptomatic. He said the health care worker saw 11 patients at the King David Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation located at 2266 Cropsey Ave. The worker wore gloves and a mask, the mayor said, and the patients he saw are being monitored. None are showing symptoms, he said, and it is believed to be a low-risk situation.
The mayor also outlined some efforts Sunday to help schools and businesses in the city deal with the viral outbreak.
While the mayor noted that mostly children with pre-existing health conditions would be more vulnerable to the virus, he said the city would add 85 nurses to city schools this week to ensure there will be enough nurses available.
For businesses that 100 employees that can document a decrease in sales of up to 25%, de Blasio said they will be eligible for no-interest loans up to $75,000. He said further details will be released soon. And he small businesses with under five employees would be eligible of grants of up to $5,000 to help them retain employees. He urged small businesses in need of assistance to call 311 for help.
He urged employers with the ability to do so to institute work-from-home options.
The mayor said the city is not updating its policy on public events, but noted that people who feel sick should not attend public events, go to work, or ride the subways.
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