Meeting on sale of Nanuet church to Jewish school gets heated

Concerned residents voiced their opinions at a Clarkstown board meeting Tuesday night regarding the Grace Baptist Church possibly becoming a school.
Resident Debbie Straut, who lives less than a mile from the church, says adding another school alongside Highview Elementary School would be a traffic nightmare on Church Street.
Residents argued that the traffic would pose a safety risk for students and that the narrow streets are not suited for buses.
Others protested the pending sale of the church earlier in the day at Clarkstown Town Hall.
Town Supervisor George Hoehmann says the sale of the church is not a done deal yet.
Hoehmann says the town attempted to buy the property but couldn't because they are prohibited from buying any property that costs more than 10 percent of its appraised value.
Rabbi Aaron Fink, dean of Ateres Bais Yaakov in New Hempstead, bought the property.
The sale is expected to close in January, but there is no confirmation on when a final decision on the church will be made.
Fink owns a school on Summit Park Road, which was found to be operating without electricity and water last year.
He has since put that property up for sale.